I think all of us really wish to have a marriage that is perfect, amazing and issueless. Today, I am facing the reality that is questioning how true it is? It is pure lies that have crippled my worldview.

The reality is both the couple has to choose daily to make it work. I realize that love has to be the foundation and forgiveness the pillars that hold it together. And the counterpart is the ego, anger, and words that destroy it.

I have been Christian for many years now and I thought it will be easier for me to forgive and love because of my abilities to do that to other but it is totally opposite when comes to marriage. The romance movies have portrayed it all and most of the time it seems effortless and today I confess it is the hardest and most uncomfortable choice I have to make.

Man supremacy, ego, and control are still lingering in this sinful flesh. It is hard to shake it off even when I know, I need to shake it off. Whereabout truth seems to be the unlogical path to take, hence momentum separation is the best solution.

The biggest killer is silence game when the man ignores the fact his wife exists and she does the same. It hurts but our ego chooses to overwrite. I wonder if she feels the same? Oh woman! and Oh man!

Such a wretched man I am, where would I be if this prolongs? I realize today the reason why many couples end up separating because they choose the easy way out which not willing to face the reality of marriage when we need to put in overtime and get dirty to make it work.

Could it be? Environment one grew up? Movies? Perfect imaginary of marriage? Comparison?

If all these are the reasons, am I/we ready to work it out? Am I ready to face the reality I/we need to change?

It is only because I love her, I want to do this? There are no other reasons.

Sathiya Seelan


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