Monday, November 7, 2016



Time flew by from my last post. Now I am married to this wonderful girl Ruth Hien Tran. It all happened quickly but with a lot of blessing from the mighty One.

Once was fallen being now restored to the originality of nature of creation. It is by the grace and power of living God I am who I am today.

It was a long journey but worthwhile one. I continually trusted in the Lord and His transforming power. Today I also realize I am still a work in process for the glory of God.

Today I want to count my blessings:

July 2016 was big month for me.

1. I was getting married in Vietnam
2. I did not have enough money
3. Parents was not allow to travel because of unsettle debt but appealed to government was waiting till the last minute to get the approval.
4. I had another reception in Malaysia

Biggest test for me was financially :)


The week before my big day, I was praying asking God, Lord pls provide for all my need. In the midst of this I heard a small still voice "If your wedding did not happen the way you wanted will you still love ME?" I know this was from the Lord. I was in shock. But I replied with tears "Yes Lord I will still love YOU". Then came the word from the Lord " That He will provide for all my need according to His riches and glory" and the burden was lifted up and I was at peace. The week flew by and I have not receive the blessing. And my parents got the approval to leave the country one day before the wedding in Long Hai. Praise God.

We spoke to the hotel management we will pay after wedding and they agreed. Our concept beach wedding and outdoor party. Guess what on that day the whole day was raining until the hotel management asked me to change the plan but we resisted the idea and continue with prayer. Everyone was praying and praying and praying. Sharp 3pm the rain stopped and it was couching hot. Praise God but it was too hot. We proceeded with wedding at 5.30pm. Suddenly a massive cloud covered the sun and the weather was perfect with the sea breeze and cold wind. I was amazed with God's faithfulness.

The wedding was perfect and the dinner went well too. Alleluia! God is good.

We received blessing from those who came for the wedding. We had about 100 guests about 70 ppl from Vietnam and the rest was my friends and family. But you know what God provided that night we calculated our blessings we had more than enough to pay all our expenses. I was in awe. God was not late He provided on time. I can keep going on and on how faithful God was throughout our entire wedding and reception. We all we very blessed to see God's faithfulness.

I realize I serve the mighty, faithful and awesome God! No question asked for it was a test for me and see where is my heart.

Finally I would like to thank God, my wife, my family, friends and relative who was the witness of God goodness in my life. I will never forget His wondrous work in my wedding.


Sathiya Seelan