Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Encounter with the Creator

The reality of the mighty Creator is there is now seems just a fact. I took a drastic decision to go on a fast for 21 days (1/12-21/12/15). Begin with seven days of fruits and vegetables only, the next seven days one meal a day and the last seven day liquid fast.

The first part of the fast was pretty easy but the temptation for solid food started to hit by fifth day. With the grace of God I manage to overcome. But it seems like more like diet because my praying time and bible reading did not increase or I did not even pray or read the bible some of the days. The conviction was there but did not do anything about it.

Things got worst, I felt like I am in boiling pot everything around me like failing apart. I started to have arguments, grudges and skeptical about people around me and my love towards them decreased especially towards my family and church members. Past start to creep in and disqualifying and doubting in my calling that the Lord has for me.

The idea of giving up and giving in to lies mounted. Everything seems impossible. But the Holy Spirit whispered press on, press on and press on. I did! By the mid of second week of fast, I was impressed to list down all the people names I had relationship with, to renounce and ask the Lord to come and cut the soul ties that has been created with each one of them. And to my amazement the Lord came and delivered me. I had a personal ministry time with God and power in the name of Jesus and I know during that time something left from me. It was powerful and I praise God for His mercy upon me.

By the fifth day of second week I was led to make a massive decision to go on liquid fast for the remaining seven days with condition I had to be a prisoner of the Lord for the rest of the week. I should not talk to the anyone and have to lock myself in a room. So I started look for options called up some prayer towers, campsites and ect. nothing seems working. But then the Holy Spirit reminded me of a place I can and I end up there. I thought this is the crazy, the idea of going on 7 days of liquid past is impossible but I knew deep in me I had too because I am so sick of this faithless life on faithful God.

Seventh day of second week night, I took off and informed my mom and few of my close friends where I am going. Settled in the room and prepared to start this journey with the Lord with the expectation that I will meet the Lord and that will change my life. I had my journal, few pens, bible and my I pod (for worship purpose).

P.S. I have done just liquid fast for 2.5 days before.

Third week (15/12-21/12/15)

I wrote down what I want to see happen by end of this seven days:

a. I want the fact my God is power and unlimited in wisdom, power... to take deep root in me.
b. I want to walk with the Joy of the Lord all the time.
c. I want to able differentiate the voice of God and flesh in me.
d. Obey God's voice at any cost.
e. Overcome my personal struggle.
f. Refreshed and refilled with overflowing cup (Love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and power of God)

Day 1

All I did was worshiping and reading the bible through out the day. The thought to read finish the new testament within the seven days arise and I started that quest. I worshiped and read the bible and worship and read.... that is all I did. Nothing significant happened. The Lord spoke through His word how that Lord was not limited in any way to do what He has to do through out the gospel. I started to build the truth deep in me and pondering over it again and again.

Day 2

Did the same things. This time the Lord revealed to me how Lord Jesus is full with wisdom and He uses the scriptures to counter oppositions. Not only that why He always rebukes the religious leaders. It is they see the things that the Lord does in religious and traditional eyes than in spiritual eyes. I meditate on that again and again.

Day 3, 4, 5 & 6

I spent at least 12 hours by now in worshiping and reading the bible (few sessions). I did not do any request to God. But the Lord been convicting me how self righteous I has been and been doing ministry without having a relationship with Him. I felt sad and repented. By end of this day. The Lord revealed to be the power of His word because I was not hungry at all. He reminded me the verse our Lord will say " Man shall not live by bread alone but with every words that proceeds from the mouth of God". The time I been spending in the word of God has been feeding supernaturally and satisfying my physical hunger as well. This blew my mind away and I was in awe about the word of God.

I manage to continue without much hiccups but I could not sleep until 4 am at least and I have forced myself to sleep. This was something unique I thought, I started have a sweet aroma only left hand which I did not where it is coming, which I thought it was weird and I ignored it. I continued this journey. I had few early more deliverance experience.  Few things I learnt from those days are:

a. Lord Jesus did not waved from His calling.
b. Always on track
c. His confidence was in the Father
d. He was bold,  full of faith and authority.
e. Did only what the Father asked Him to do.
f. About the 1st century church
g. About what it means to be a leader, elder, men, husband, citizen...a lot more.
h. How amazingly God has been faithful through out my life.

The biggest experience of all was what faith really means

F- Fill my heart with promised of God
A- Act and confess it is done
I- Immovable (Do not give up)
T- Trust and persevere when it is impossible
H-Hope the hour will come to the fulfillment

By end of fifth day I have already finish the new testament, I was amazed.

By end of  sixth day I thought I am all fired up and I prayed should I eat something and He gave me a sign and I had small portion of porridge.

Day 7

God taught me what it means to loose in heavenlies and on earth according Matthew 16:19. After how to operate in the Spirit of Faith (Will blog about it soon). After that I wrote some declaration for my family, church and city. Not forgetting how to appropriate the inheritance GOD has given the church in the heavenlies by confessing the into existence the future. Upon finishing I still had the issue of not able to sleep until 3am. I asked Lord to reveal but did not get any answer.

Day 8 (22/12/15)

It was new day. I am excited to go back home and see my family members I had big smile on my faces and they all welcomed me after my fast and prayer. I had so much compassion for all of them and able to love them. It did not end there at night I could not sleep again so I was on my bed talking to the Father and  around 1.15am suddenly the sweet aroma came back and this time it was stronger and I was like wait wait this is happening again. It was so sweet and I started to enjoy it. There was a thought came to me to google about it and I found the verse 2 Corinthians 2: 14 "But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place." I remember this verse. He made me to remember this verse one week ago. Then I saw this article " Supernatural-encounters-smelling-the-fragrance-of-god " and I opened it when I read it I was on tears and in awe. The Lord is has anointed me through this fast and I went on my knees crying and felted so privileged to be visited and anointed. I was worship and praising Him and suddenly my body started to tremble, shake greatly and felt like a fire coming in. I started to call upon the name of the Lord. Started with Yahweh, Yeshua and Holy Spirit and it suddenly the word Yahweh I was not able to say it but I was breathing in and out the air with the sound of "YHWH". It was unbelievable experience and it continues until 4.30am and I did not sleep the whole day but did not feel the tiredness at all.

That morning my bible reading was about the new wine skin and new wine from book of Matthew. The Holy Spirit affirmed the fasting had removed my old wine skin and anointing and has been replaced with new wine skin with new anointing that morning. Now I am ready to move forward in the work of the Lord. The sweet aroma is around me until this moment and reminding me the time I had with the Lord and reminding me the experiences I had throughout the week with the Lord.

I am sharing all these for the glory of God to encourage all of you that our God is living and He want to reveal Himself to us in many ways. But are we ready to make the sacrifice to seek Him wholeheartedly. My decision to disconnect from the world and connect to the Lord has brought me to this place today and I know this is the second greatest decision I made in my life (first is to accept Lord Jesus as Saviour and Lord over my life). Today I would like to challenge all of you are reading this blog to push yourself to do something you have not done before to connect to our Lord.

All praise
All glory
All honour
All power
All strength
All blessings

To the only One who is living and sovereign over the heaven and earth and who is revealed through our Lord Jesus by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit in my life.


Sathiya Seelan

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