One night at Sydney

Break my heart
Cleanse my heart
Let it be in pieces
I will be humbled

Let pride dissolve
Let it not find it's way
Wash it with your blood
I will never be the same

Kissing bye to my flesh
May it be no in control
Consume me Holy Ghost
I will shine You

Finding my way into me
All I found selfishness
Made myself look up
Found the answer for thousands

Crossed the road blindly
Forgot I can see
Not because I have eyes
Because now I have the cross

Trampled on the ground
Knowing I am lost
Searched over everything and
Nothing was like Christ lead

Edged by sin
Death found me
Final call came in
a Savior took me in

Love that never cease
Love that never expect
Thought it was my love
But the love of Yeshua is

Old ways are haunting
The Way is calling
First I said no  then I said yes
Now I found  my destiny



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