Thursday, July 18, 2013



Your love
A rain drop in summer
brings hope to life

Your mercy
A dew on a beautiful rose
never want to miss it

Your grace
the Waves hitting the shore
never want it to stop

Your wisdom
The distance of earth from heaven
never known

Your holiness
The brightness of sun
never dark

Your works
The air we breath
Never cease



Jesus you defined love
By giving up your life for sinners
Jesus you defined life
By shedding your blood for sinners
Jesus you defined purpose
By accomplishing your mission assigned by God
Jesus you defined worship
By living everyday in truth and spirit
Jesus you defined brokenness
By humbling to became dust
Jesus you defined humility
By dying as sinner where you were sinless

Yeshua you redefined my life!


Wake up !

War against the World

Darkness conquering
Light is fading
Truth is diminishing
Lies overbearing

Sins powering
Holiness shadowing
Righteousness lacking
Evil winning

Creation overruled
Nature destroyed
Order is broken
Moral is unreal

Where is the world heading??

Wage of sin is death
Death for eternal
Suffering undeniable
Chances no more

Wake up oh people
The trumpet has blown
Messiah had come
Coming back again

Repent right now
Submit yourself
Turn your way
To the Holy one

Receive Jesus
Forgiveness flows
Curses broken
Diseases flee

GOD's Win !

Jesus is alive
Truth will shine
Righteousness will birth
Holiness will empower
He is in you and you He
Will use to shame the evil ones

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lil Time Left

Lil Time Left

Go deep in you
The silence will reveal
The sound of crying soul
To be with the creator

Go deep in you
The spirit will answer
The longing of empty heart
To be filled with eternal love

Go deep in you
The soul will picture
The brokenness of life
To be rebuilt with His life

Go deep in you
The mind will scream
The lies of world
To be replaced with His word

Go deep in you
The voice will speak
The Savior is here
To forgive all of your sins

Go deep in you
The call is ringing
The Savior is waiting
To make you His hands and legs

Go deep in you
Hear the satisfied spirit
Ready to go
To be with the creator

Till then keep moving forward...

One night at Sydney

Break my heart
Cleanse my heart
Let it be in pieces
I will be humbled

Let pride dissolve
Let it not find it's way
Wash it with your blood
I will never be the same

Kissing bye to my flesh
May it be no in control
Consume me Holy Ghost
I will shine You

Finding my way into me
All I found selfishness
Made myself look up
Found the answer for thousands

Crossed the road blindly
Forgot I can see
Not because I have eyes
Because now I have the cross

Trampled on the ground
Knowing I am lost
Searched over everything and
Nothing was like Christ lead

Edged by sin
Death found me
Final call came in
a Savior took me in

Love that never cease
Love that never expect
Thought it was my love
But the love of Yeshua is

Old ways are haunting
The Way is calling
First I said no  then I said yes
Now I found  my destiny


Second Chance

Second Chance

Death is nearing
Heart is stirring
Have I done all ?
Or miss it all?

What will I do?
Will I get another chance?
Or lose it at once.
Where I am?

Am I lost like a needle in hay?
And found like the lost sheep
Will I go on my  own way?
And be found like the lost son

Jesus is calling
He is calling my name
He is calling son/daughter
Here is your second chance

I echoed here I am, Lord
Never will miss this chance
I will shine your light, Lord
Never want to miss this chance