July 28th 2011 - Devotion

My Devotion 7/28

Scripture: HIS mercy extends to those who fear him from generation to generation. - (Luke 1:50)

Observation: Mary was singing that because she knows that she don't deserve the honor to bare " son of GOD " but HIS mercy extends to those who fear him. She was one of the one who fear GOD so GOD's mercy was extended to her which changed her entire generations. 

Application: Do I fear you GOD ? I need to learn more about you so that I can reverent your majesty GOD. I want your mercy to be extended to me and my up coming generation. Teach and guide me my Savior. I will do what it takes.

Prayer: Dear LORD, Thank you for the word. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Teach me to reverent YOU O LORD and follow your commands GOD. I want to follow you in love not because you asked me too.


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