What comes up to your mind when we talk about options? According to dictionary option means "the power or right of choosing."

For me it means "the choices I have to choose from, before making a decision on certain matters". The past few years I had made a lot decisions base on the options I had and it's always good to have options than nothing at all.

There are so many time I had no options and I felt good about it, it makes my process of choosing easier, shorter and can't grumble about it. I wish everything that I have to make decision about my life have no options. Life will be great! JK ! I wouldn't have matured to who I am right now if I didn’t had options or make decision in life for myself.

I realize that there is certain area in my life where options shouldn't be in roll. For example when comes to spending time with GOD doing devotion, family and self growth.


GOD shouldn't be our back up plan, he is our main plan. Seeking him should be our daily bread. I learned that and I see changes in my life since I made it as a must to do instead as an option. Therefore GOD is not an option in my life, HE is preeminent. I need to seek HIM, praise HIM and glorify HIM every second of in my life by doing so I felt his presences in my life.

We shouldn't postponed or choose other options instead of HIM when we feel it's time to seek and worship HIM.

Individual Growth (time for ourselves)

When I first came to US to continue my education, I felt lonely but it gave me the time to think about myself, my life, my dreams, my career, my growth, GOD's role in my life and everything that is possible to think about my life. Why didn't I get the chance to think about it when I was in Malaysia? Because I was occupied with commitments and responsibilities. But now all I think about is my life but that doesn’t mean I am self centered because I have free time.

How many people get that chance to be alone and get the silent moment to think about what had happened in my life and the growth they went through since they were born? Most of the self book says that we need to be in complete silence moment thinking about our day. It’s a way to reflect our deed and actions from our circumstances throughout our day by doing so we will able to discover our hunger and thirst of soul. I don’t think I would have gotten this far without this change in my life.

In conclusion we should not make spending some time with ourselves discovering ourselves as an option to anything else.


There are two things on the world that will never change GOD and family. Most people had made family as an option it's really sad. I grew up in such a family. I know the pain of it. Every single one in a family has a role/responsibility that can only been done by them. A family is not complete without them. For example, my dad, he wasn’t there for our family when we needed him the most, his alcoholism was his option instead of the family. It broke my family into pieces. A person who had to teach me about love, survival, career, dreams, GOD and all the necessity of life wasn’t there when I was growing up. Isn’t it the same as he is death? Not only had that he caused tons of problems in the family because of addiction problem. I learnt through him how important family member and their role in family.

In conclusion family is not an option either we should do our responsibilities in order no one can question us at end of the day.


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