Do we realize that choice comes before action ?

If we do, we will reconsider all the choice we have before making our decision due to our action.

As we know every choice we make lead to action then to consequences. Choose wisely !

For example:

I have decided to wake up early without anyone waking me up in the morning to do my devotion. Once the time hits 6am I will in conscious and know what I have to do but I have the choice, to continue sleeping or wake up and pray. It is hard for first few time to give up sleep but I made the choice to sacrifice my sleep for GOD, and that had lead to tons of changes in my life. I became more intimate with GOD, my relationship with HIM growing day by day just because the choice I make every morning to wake up and seek the LORD.

The consequences of this choice is I am growing in GOD.

Another example would be friends I choose to hang out with.

I have a lot of friend but the matter of fact will be am I growing while I am around them intellectually or spiritually ? So it's my choice again ! On January 23th 2011, I went on a hike with Faith Adventure, that was an eye opening hike of my life. I realize friends influence our life more than anyone else. Throughout the hike, I had the chance to share my testimony and wonders that GOD had done to me in my life past few years. Which gave me the affirmation that GOD is working on my life. It blew me away, all this while I been thinking HE is not. It's the choice I made to do something different on that day rather than hanging out in my room.

Consequences of this choice was I learn about GOD and HE is working in my life by sharing to my hiking friends. I wouldn't have done that if other friends.

We make thousand of choices everyday, from waking up till going to bed. If our life purpose are to grow in GOD, we have to make counter culture choices nowadays. It's going to be tough but our mighty GOD will enlighten pain and hurt and unleash joy and peace at the end of day when we know we have fulfill our purpose for HIS glory !


  1. wow..its an awesome one Sathiya! great post!
    We make the Choice and He makes the CHANGE!!!!
    im glad to have a friend like you! :)


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