Thursday, August 4, 2011

GOD of compassionate !

My Devotion - 08/04/2011

Scripture: The arrogant are attacking me, O GOD; a band of ruthless men seeks my life men without regards for you. But you O Lord, are compassionate and gracious GOD, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. Psalm 86: 14-15

Observation: This was a prayer of David. He is just being real with his prayer. Telling out loud to GOD how he feels to GOD. He started by saying how he is been attacked by people without regards of GOD almighty. But he end up praising GOD and reminding himself the characteristic of GOD and how faithful HE is toward HIS sons and daughter.

Application: This exactly how I feel. I feel like being pressed and there are so many things trying to take me away from the will of GOD for my life. My past lifestyle, scheme of devil and many more. But GOD is good. HE is faithful and will still showers me with love, grace and mercy. I don't have to worry about what's going to happen because it's not going to add another day to my life. I have to keep my focus on GOD all alone.

Prayer: Dear Father, I love you so much. I have you always have the best for me. Let me see it LORD. I'm praying to see the reality of your kingdom that this world will fade away and the only things will last forever Faith, Hope and Love !! I want to live my life according to that reality Father GOD. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen !

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

08/02/2011 - Devotion

My Devotion - 08/02/2011
Scripture : Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth. And all people will see God’s salvation -Luke 3:5-6

Observation: John recapping what Prophet Isaiah prophesied in Isaiah 40:3-5. It's going to come true when GOD sent JESUS to earth. HE is going to break pride and rich , lift the humble and poor up, straighten the path of wicked and shrine people and reveal that HE is the answer for all the questions and truth and way of life. 

Application: YOU broke my pride and made me humble. Even when I feel insecure financially you lifted me up by being the provider and comforter saying it's going to end soon. I have to trust you are here and live in me and know you always wants the best of me.

Prayer: Dear LORD, 
Thank you for redeeming me and affirming through your word you will never forsake me nor leave me. Break my pride LORD, change me from inside you so I will live for you and your kingdom. Build me to your likeness Oh GOD. Let's your will be done in my life. In JESUS name ! Amen.

July 28th 2011 - Devotion

My Devotion 7/28

Scripture: HIS mercy extends to those who fear him from generation to generation. - (Luke 1:50)

Observation: Mary was singing that because she knows that she don't deserve the honor to bare " son of GOD " but HIS mercy extends to those who fear him. She was one of the one who fear GOD so GOD's mercy was extended to her which changed her entire generations. 

Application: Do I fear you GOD ? I need to learn more about you so that I can reverent your majesty GOD. I want your mercy to be extended to me and my up coming generation. Teach and guide me my Savior. I will do what it takes.

Prayer: Dear LORD, Thank you for the word. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Teach me to reverent YOU O LORD and follow your commands GOD. I want to follow you in love not because you asked me too.

Aug 1st 2011 - Devotion

My Devotions
Scripture: To rescue us from the hand of enemies and to enable us to serve HIM without fear in holiness and righteousness before HIM all our days. - Luke 1: 74-75

Observation: Zechariah, father of John the baptist was filled with Holy Spirit and prophesied this through singing a song. It's was before the birth of JESUS the messiah. As he said JESUS came and rescued us from the hand of enemies (darkness) and enable us to serve HIM without fear in holiness and righteousness before HIM all our day. 

Application: It came through. JESUS have redeemed and restored me so I don't have to fearful to other because HE defeated the darkness when HE resurrected on the 3rd day. HE also died for my sins which made me righteous and holy even when my flesh fails my spirit. I have to live my life with that revelation. If my flesh falls I repent and ask for forgiveness and pursue GOD's eternal purpose. 

Dear Holy Father, 
You love me the same even if I fail you million times because your son gave HIS life for my sins. I am repenting right now GOD for all I have done. I'm sorry and thank you for your forgiveness, Father. Give me heart of repentance Oh LORD. In JESUS name. Amen

CHRIST is the answer for our weakness !

Every individual have specific role and functions in a body. Most of the times we take it lightly. Remember that 2 Corinthians 6:16 GOD said we are the living temple of the living GOD and HE wants to live, walk and be our GOD. 

For HIM to live in us we need to be able to trust and believe. This only happens when we read the words of GOD (bible). That is the source of food for our spiritual life hunger. 

Isaiah 64:8 
  “And yet, O LORD, you are our Father.
We are the clay, and you are the potter.
We all are formed by your hand.”

From that scripture we know that we are clay and our GOD is the potter and we all are formed by HIS hand. It’s an ongoing process. According to an article to ease the making of the jar of clay we need water in that process. In that image, water stands for the WORD OF GOD because without water the shaping process going to be hard and time consuming. I believe the word of GOD has the specific word of promise, encouragement, command and guidance that we needed for problems that we go through in our daily life. This is what the bible called the water of life. 
  We all know that jar of clay is not perfectly made. It has tons of cracks and very fragile. Those represent us. We are fragile, weak and imperfect and we need GOD and HIS word to live our life so that we know: 

2 Corinthians 4:7
  “We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.” 

It is human to accept the truth we are weak and in need a LORD and Savior to depend on. But in doing this we are going against the world, so most of the time we try to hide those weakness behind bad habits, pride, ego, sin, anger, addictions and rebellious attitude. That’s how my life used to be! I can testify I am the weakest in my family and in school but knowing the truth that GOD made me weak so that I can depend on HIM opened my eyes to the reality. 
Try to picture this we are the jar of clay, we are weak and fragile and 2 Corinthians 4:7 says we havea treasure in that jar that is shining through our weakness but we always tend to patch the cracks with our excuses, sins, addictions, temper, anger and many more to give an impression that we are prefect. You guys know what I am talking. But CHRIST wants us to show that we are weak and let HIM shine through our weakness, we have to believe HE will. Don’t patch our weakness anymore, but boast about it, like how Paul did it throughout his life. 

Let’s accept who we are and what we are called to be. Remember we have a purpose in the body. Ask GOD to reveal it to you, and remember that we need the word of GOD to get through the process of molding. We need that water so that when the potter shaping us the clay we don't get hurt so much. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Indescribable Haiti Trip Experience !

Embracing Haiti

Apr 29 - May 07 2011

Team Members :

Sathiya, Shameka, Rogjett, Veronica, Christina, Young, Isabella, Matt, Bijan, Marci, Lisa, Liz, Kelly, Erica, Rick, Richard, Dan, Twyla, Barbara, Karama, Kathy, Marite and Stephanie ! 23 amazing people from LA Country !

Day 1

Friday, April 29th - Our flight to Haiti was little overwhelming and rough ! But we made it there the next day. It was an eight hours flight. From LAX to Fort Lauderdale and from Fort Lauderdale to Port Au Prince, Haiti. Through the flight I got to know about my team members. It was an awesome time together. Realize GOD put together a team for a reason :)

Pictures out from the flight on our way to Port Au Prince, Haiti !

Day 2

I begin to complain about my flight and the Holy Spirit convicted me ! Mission trip is all about experiencing

what GOD have stored or planned for me not to complain or do what you want to do !! and I stop complaining. What a way to start my mission trip ?? Pretty exciting isn't it ! Our flight landed safely in Port Au Prince. Then we headed to the Immigration and Custom Service ! We were welcomed by a band group, there were from Digicel (phone carrier).

Got through immigration and custom. Collected our luggage and met the other half of our team who came with  different flight. We all greeted each another and walked outside to meet the HOM(Haiti Outreach Ministry) staff. While walking out I saw tons of people was waiting to help us with our luggage but we didn't handed it to them. We carried all to a truck called Tap-Tap. Crazy Ride !

I observed that there were a lot cracks and destroyed building from the earthquake on our way to HOM Campus.


It's a 4wd truck with top and two beach in the back. Would be very comfortable if the road is smooth.

Our ride was rough, smoggy, to many cars and motorcycles, holes, bumps, water pods and tons of people walking cross the roads.

I saw a disable guy crawling through the side walk. It was sad :( Well nothing I can do about it. Hopefully things will change soon in that country. I also saw ladies washing cloth by the drain and it doesn't look like clean water. I was disgust but I realize that is all they have. A question rose, how blessed we are living in America ? Bare with me I might ask that question millions time more throughout this blog :)

FYI The tap-tap's speed was less than 10 mph all the way !

After about 15minutes on the main road we entered into much narrower road to HOM campus, it begin to be even tougher to hang on. There were more holes, bumps, water pods and so on. Throughout the ride I saw people selling fruits, vegetables, toiletries and many little stuff. I learned that is their source of income for people in the village. Pretty humbling for me ! After a long 20 minutes ride we reached HOM. It was a relieve!


The School


HOM Campus consist of a Church, Clinic and School !

The men shared one room with tons of bunk bed with a small portable fan and net on each

My bed
On that evening we got a chance to walk around the village we were living at. I felt people smile
there was genuine and they were glad to see us. Our interpreter told us HOM built at least 150 houses
in that area after the earthquake. It was nice to walk around and see kids playing, people selling stuff, people talking in a group and many more activities.

Building in progress

One of the house built my HOM

Kids playing soccer

We had devotion on that night and that was it for the day. We went to bed ! 

Day 3 - May 1st 2011 Sunday

Woke up at 5am and left to Church at 6 am.  The church was packed with people by 6.30am. The worship team was on fire and totally moved me even though I didn't understand any word. They were praying and worshiping in Creole, but my Holy Spirit was totally talking to me and interpreting some of the words. It was awesome, first time in my life I heard GOD that loud. There was a moment where, Holy Spirit asked me to look around and see how the people is worshiping, I was shocked to see almost everyone were singing, hands up and standing. It amazed me. Holy Spirit revealed to me that they are worshiping their hearts out and I asked back what do you mean ? He told " that is all they have". I was struck by awe.

It was a 3 hours service, I was recharged and ready serve the LORD and HIS people. After the service we decided to go to one of the beach in Haiti. It was so beautiful place. Here are the pictures, it will explain the beauty of the country.

I had a great time there to see the beauty of the country. Hoping the government will use it as an advantage to develop the country. GOD taught me to be a willing vessel to be used by HIM at any moment. I learned to listen to him on that day. GOD used me to encourage and pray for other members/body. It was amazing moving experience to be used by GOD. We had dinner and devotion after we were back from beach. That called our day to an end.

Day 4

Started our day early in the morning around 6am. It was our work day !! :D All excited and ready. Around 7 am the school begin. It was so cute to see the kids lined up to sing, praise and take oath to start their school day. I was reminded my days at school. Here are some of the pictures:

Once that was done, we had our breakfast and left to our work place which was the church(destroyed because of the earthquake) we were helping to build. It was a rough ride for us because of the uneven road. It's probably was 5 miles away from the place we stayed but it took us about 30minutes to get. Once we got there I saw the church, it looks like nothing is done. There was only one building which was their store for the equipment and a tent used as sanctuary for Sunday service. They needed help to mix the concrete, transfer stones from a pile to a different area and cleaning the boards used to do the walls. Here are some pictures:

I went out with Stephen and Forest to get water for us from the purification plant they have at HOM Cite Soleil. It was devastating to see that city. It was dirty and highly populated. Here are some pictures:

Total frustration! I feel them !
This city also have high crime rate !! After getting the water we came back to the work place and I was helping them to mix concrete  for the wall foundation. It was tiring but realize that they needed the help. We were there till 12.30pm and went back to the other church for lunch. After lunch we got some rest and head out for a walk in the village we were leaving. I saw tons of beautiful smiles and great people. Here are some pictures:

It was an amazing day. We end our day with dinner and devotion.

Day 5
Work day 2 ! Went down to work place and help them to mix concrete and other minor stuff. Realized that there are only few full time workers and they are totally dependent on volunteers. I which there were more people like us there to help them to get the work done. It was a very slow building process. It might take them at least another 10 years to complete the construction. Around 12.30pm we went back for lunch. The day continued with sight seeing. We went to the Cathedral and Government Building ( Haiti's White House). They were destroyed because of the earthquake. Here are some of the picture:

It was devastating to see that the government didn't demolish the building to build a new ones. It's very dangerous for the resident who lives in that area especially the Cathedral where there is no fences or signs saying no entry and we were followed by people asking us for food and money everyone where go. It was hard for me to say no but I had too. Our day continued by going around the city Port Au Prince. Most of the building in that city was built and in business.I had this vision of going on a mission trip with my dad. I wish it will happen sometime soon. It will be an eye opener trip for him to see how blessed he is compare to other people have nothing to live on aspect GOD all alone. My understanding about GOD widen up too. It's not about the earthly possession it all about our heart !  We ended our day with dinner and devotion. It was an awesome day for me. I was emotional !

Day 6

It was another regular working day. This time I helped making drainage system using some ground dirt. It wheeler I used was heavy and I was tired after few trips. It was barely 9 am. I moved on with joining my other team member to work on the stone line carrying stone and passing to a specific area. We were working on the wall foundation. It was hard but I remember it helped me to build me endurance for labor work. It's all about being physically fit to do GOD's will. Time flew by we headed back had our lunch and we went out to one of the tent city close by. It was the hardest moment to see people leaving in the tent, where it rain almost every night. I was so sad. We played with kids and gave gifts that we brought from US. It was amazing experience to hand out the gift we brought at first but it got violence the Haitians started to pulling me for the toys. I couldn't take it anymore and gave the entire toy package to Stephen the full-time missionary from HOM ! He got in control. Here are some of the pictures of tent city:

 Day ended with devotion and dinner.

Day 7

Normal routine ! Breakfast, then work ! Continued with my concrete mixing. Took break because it was very hot. Few of my teammates decided to give snacks to the kids who were there. We gave granola bar, fruit snack and chips. They were excited ! It was a blessing to be a blessing to others. We saw the joy on the kids faces. We also played with the kids down there during our breaks. Here are some of the pictures:

On my break I was listening to my music, "here I am to worship" the kids recognized the music they started to sing that in their language and taught how to sing it. It was cool ! To know that we serve the same GOD. Our day was tiring. But I had fun. There were a married couple in our group I got a chance to ask them about their experience so far they share " they are working on making CHRIST as center of their relationship and this mission trip helped them to grow closer to GOD and building their relationship indirectly". That totally amazed me, reminded me reading the book "How People Grow", the author said spiritual growth is the way to grow in other area of growth. I came up with a joke that "once getting married the couple shouldn't go for honeymoon they should go on a mission trip". It's not a joke but the truth ! CHRIST should always be the center of our life in every area. My day continued with prayers for Haiti nation with few other friends. It was awesome. I felt that my prayer life is changing drastically because of this trip.

Day 8
Before we left !

It was our last day at Haiti before we leave. We had our breakfast and went to our work place and help for the last time at the work place. I give all the I have on that day. Worked really hard ! We have accomplished a lot on that day. When it was time to go I gave away my glove, some of my teammates gave their shoes and some other stuff. It was so nice to see people with giving heart in our team.